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How to make body without a gym at home.

There are times and situations when you are constrained at your home and are unable to get out to visit a gym. It is now so during the lockdown period being observed to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

You need to exercise at home during this period also to stay and remain fit. You may be having some home gym equipment at your place, or you may have to exercise without any gym instruments, at home. The objective is to stay fit and fight the disease hard.

You can also build up your sexy and strong physique working out at home, with or without home gym equipment.  There is a lot of science behind getting stronger and leaner at home too. There are some best movements for overall developments of your body at your home, without any home gym equipment.


It is the king of all exercises. It can help you to build all your leg muscles. It can develop your quads and glutes if you do it deep. It is a good core and thoracic extension exercise if you can hold some domestic weight in front of you, while doing your squats.


It is also a great exercise for your developing the quads and glutes. It is a great hip extensor.  It can make you a perfectly balanced person.

Push up Variations-

Push ups are also known as the Poor man’s Gym. The standard variation of push ups can build up your triceps, front shoulders, and your chest muscles.  It has wider variations which puts more emphasis on your chest muscles. If you raise your legs, the focus is shifted towards your shoulders and your upper chest. You can do handstand push up which is predominantly a shoulder and triceps building exercise.


It is a great exercise for you to develop your lower chest and triceps muscles. It is an incredibly fun movement. It can slap mass on you real quick if you do it correctly.

Pull Ups and Chin Ups-

You need to have a bar at your place to do this exercise. It can be a curtain bar also, that is firmly fixed at your home. You can hang from it with your arms almost fully stretched out. You can then pull yourself up until your chin is raised above the bar. It may seem fairly straightforward, but it is a difficult move. It can give you a big back. Big biceps and forearms. You can position your hands facing the head for better bicep activation and you can go bit wider with your palms facing away from you. It can help to develop yout laterals better.

Rows and Inverted Rows-

It is a horizontal pulling motion that will help you to build your back better. It can also develop your shoulder muscles. It can improve your posture. It strengthens the spinal erectors. You can do it with a weight from ground or grab the underside of a horizontal bar at your home and pull yourself into it.

Glute Bridge-

You can improve your hips with it. It can also strengthen your hamstrings. It gives you good legs.

Floor Hip Extensions-

It also focuses at your hips and hamstrings. You get a great pair of legs with it.

Calf Raises-

It can strengthen your calf muscles, which are small yet very important.

Planks, Leg raises, Ab Wheel Rollout-

Your abdomen is very important and you can do planks. But you hold for time. Side planks, hanging or lying leg raises and ab wheel roll out for the best results.

This is how you can be a Superman even when you are confined in your home and do not have any home gym equipment. You need to do it regularly and sincerely and just wait to see the results. Your family will be amazed.

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