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How to reduce belly fat by exercise?

A flat belly is a matter of pride for both men and women. It is a statement made by you to the society that you are a physically fit person. You are aware and conscious of what you eat and drink. A solid torso not only makes you strong but less prone to injuries.

There are dozens of muscles between your shoulders and hips that are involved in all the movements you do in your life. If you want to create a lean body and want to get rid of that ugly fat around your middle, you have to start by making the right moves.

You need to choose moves that builds your six pack abdomen while shredding the fat that covers them.

You need to star with the five basic exercises to do it. It will hammer the dozens of muscles between your shoulders and your hips. You will be getting a better body metabolism as well.


You have to work out as many muscles as possible, if you really want to get rid of the fat around your middle. The Burpee will help you in doing just that.

It is an explosive exercise that takes you from the push up position to a jump and back to a push up position will hit every muscle from your head to toe. It can also speed up your body metabolism as a 30 seconds all out sprint. It will help you to burn your belly fat faster than ever.

Mountain Climber-

You are a moving plank when you do mountain climber. You perform a mini crunch when you explosively draw one knee into your chest. It is a difficult move and your core muscles have to do overtime work to keep your body stable and straight, every time you lift your one foot off the floor.

You can do it in an interval style. It can speed up your heart rate and burn your calories. You can do it for 20 seconds, take a rest for 10 seconds and continue this repetition for four minutes.

Kettlebell Swing

It is one of the most calorie burning exercises of all times.

You have to propel the heavy ball of iron in front of you. You have to engage big and fat burning muscle groups such as your gluteal muscles, hips and your quads.

This exercise will speed up your heart rate at no end. It will also hammer your core muscles. The momentum of the heavy bell at the top of the swing will pull you forward. You need to clench your abdominal muscles during this move. This exercise will make your abdominal muscles squeeze in and you will be burning maximum fat during this exercise.

Medicine Ball Slam- 

It is a great exercise to do for losing your fat around your belly. Your core muscles are your centre of power. You need to perform explosive movements such as the Medicine Ball Slam. It requires all your muscles between your neck and hips and they all have to work together. And if you pick up the pace and propel the ball with more power and velocity, you’ll elevate your heart rate and burn some serious belly flab.

Dumbbell Overhead Lunge-

If you can use a pair of dumbbells during your doing lunges, you can have your lean core muscles faster. As the load shifts with every rep, all of the muscles in your torso need to work together to keep the weight directly above you.

The move engages your back and butt, too, because hunched shoulders and weak glutes also contribute to a bulging abdomen. You can have a lean and strong abdomen doing all these exercises and can become a sex symbol, which all girls would love and all boys would envy.

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