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Top 10 Indian Fitness Influencers on Instagram

Fitness Influencers on Instagram

Indian fitness influencers are emerging as a new phenomenon and they are adding a new spark to the lives of those who want to stay motivated on their workout regimen.

If you keep an eye on the social media scenario, you will find that many Indian Fitness Influencers are taking the internet by storm. People in this era are aware of the role that fitness has in their lives. In case you are inquisitive about the topmost fitness influencers on Instagram, here’s a quick look.

Top 10 Instagram fitness influencers in India

Sahil Khan

Sahil Khan celebrates a lofty stature in the circle of Indian fitness pros. His name is, in fact, unanimous with fitness and India’s youth. Today, he is one of the most popular fitness influencers in Mumbai and in the entire nation. This amazing fitness icon has been featured in many films as well. He is also a successful YouTuber. He claims an astounding net worth which is close to $6 Million. The man has two specialized gyms in India and he happens to represent the brand essence of a number of Indian products or companies.

Ranveer Allahbadia

The name of Ranveer Allahbadia is integrally associated with the essence of Beer Biceps. By dint of his creative streak, Ranveer has taken the very essence of content creation on social media platforms to an altogether different level. People mostly know him for his podcast, The Ranveer Show and his YouTube Channel. He is touted as a leadership coach and motivational speaker. In his social media posts Ranveer seeks to lay stress on the fact that fitness is not only about a fit body, but also about a fit mind. He believes that a healthy body should be accompanied with a healthy and fit mind. For him, meditation works miracles and keeps him perpetually elevated.

Prince Narula

Prince Narula has been able to amass a huge amount of fan base as well as fame in the form of an actor as well as a model. Apart from lending his charisma to the Indian television world, he showcases his enigma as a fitness influencer. He is noticed to have a good deal of fetish for fitness and strength training. It is important to note that the magnetic personality has got a surprising range of followers (close to 305 million). Today, he stands tall among the most talked about fitness influencers of India. He is known for his dedication to regular fitness sessions. He often takes the help of social media to air his thoughts and advice on fitness regimen.

Yasmin Karachiwala

Yasmin Karachiwala is a highly skilled pilates trainer. She has been providing fitness lessons for more than a time span of twenty years. Yasmin has been working incessantly and she is the reason behind the toned physique and agility of a number of Bollywood stars. If you talk about her specification, the. It would be pilates as well as intense strength training. Her videos get immense likes, shares and subscriptions on social media portals. Her work out videos on Instagram are immensely popular. She has trained Alia Bhatt, Deepika, Katrina and many other stars from B Town.

Sangram Chougule

Sangram Chougule is a renowned name in the sphere of Indian bodybuilding. A bodybuilder from Pune, he is a constant source of inspiration to a number of aspirants who intend to brave through the world of bodybuilding. Sandra shot to massive fame soon after he won the most coveted Mr. Universe title in the year 2012. He is highly accredited for the monster like muscle mass that he has. He is supposed to have an enviable net worth of $5 million approx. As an Instagram influencer, he helms immense leverage and his popularity on the internet is beyond question. Apart from Instagram, he is immensely followed on YouTube as well. On Instagram he has almost 1.4m diehard fan following. His content becomes viral on Instagram in an instant.

Namrata Purohit

The name of Namrata Purohit has attained enough accolades in the form of a Pilate Instructor. She has been associated with the activities of Scott Pilates since she was 19. She owns a highly renowned Pilates Studio which she happens to run along with her father.

Tarun Gill

The appellation of Tarun Gill is quite a familiar one in the circle of fitness training. He is a man who has always broken precedent. Taruin believes in bolstering your inner strength so that you can take on any kind of a tough challenge. His Instagram posts spew enormous success stories and enriched information for his fans. Looking at his follower growth, it is not hard to envision how hard he jas worked.

Bani J

Bani J is an inspiration to many. Her transformation has been phenomenal and it has raised eyebrows in many ways. Her real name is Gurbani Judge. She has always been a fitness freak. The model and actor has a jaw-dropping fan following with 1.5 million staunch followers. She keeps her fanbase entertained and updated with a volley of fitness tips and diet plans.

Pranit Shilimkar

Pranit Shilimkar helms the world of fitness with the power of his unique thoughts. He happens to bestow equal importance both physique and mind. His Instagram account is replete with an endless deluge of fitness motivation.

Guru Mann

The name of Guru Mann is not at all alien to those who are fitness buffs by virtue of their tenacity to stay fit. He is accredited for the motivation he provides for his followers on a constant note. Guru Mann flaunts an impressive 2.4 million fan base. His Instagram posts are liked all over the world. Apart from being a fitness influencer, he is an entrepreneur as well.

Shwetha Rathore

Shwetha Rathore is another name which needs a quick reference. She believes that it is your attitude to fitness which can make a difference in your lifestyle. As an international athlete , she flaunts a 402k fan base on Instagram.

These fitness influencers have been phenomenal in the leverage they exercise on the youth of this country. They are doing a fantastic job in motivating people in embracing a fit lifestyle. They are shaping up the mindset of people for a better lifestyle.

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