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Choosing the Right Fitness Equipment for your Home Gym

If you have a gym at your home, you are having a unit to perform many exercises at one station. You need to have a carefully selected set of fitness equipment there that can help you to achieve your goal of your doing exercises. These set ups are popularly known as Multi Gyms. Your fitness program unit can fit in the spare room in your house. It can be your basement, or garage. It helps you to do your fitness training at home.

If you are exercising at your home, you can enjoy many advantages. If you are of this opinion that home is the best place for you for doing your work outs, you have to decide about the fitness equipment you are going to need at your home gym. You need to consider carefully certain things first before you go out shopping.

Types of Set Ups-

There are many options for setting up a home gym. It can be a weight training set up or an aerobic work out set up. Aerobic exercises equipment consists of treadmill, rowers, and stationary bikes. etc.

But the Strength training equipment consists of:

  • Combination of portable equipment such as dumbbells, bench, balls, steps, bands, mats, ab workers etc.
  • Free weight stations such as adjustable benches, power racks for holding barbells, dumbbells, barbells and round plates.
  • Multi gym based on steel or composite bands or cords.
  • Total gym concept consists of adjustable height inclined bench and a sliding seat platform.
  • Multi gym based on stacked weight, using a cable and pulley mechanism with stacked weights.
  • Multi gym with provision of free weight plates, for manual fittings.
  • Smith machine multi combination, as a versatile workstation.

Decide Your Goal First-

Before getting your fitness equipment for your home gym from the market, you need to decide your objective of working out first.  You have to be careful about it. If you are interested in weight training, you have to be sure of your requirements and commitments. Many expensive, ye unused equipment keeps on lying idle in your home gym because you become bored at home and go join a gym instead.

If you are looking for general fitness, weight management, muscle tone and flexibility, you can do with an aerobic step, several sets of dumbbells, an adjustable bench, a fitness ball and an exercise mat. You could add resistant bands and tubes in to your collection for variety.

Check your Budget also-

Stop and think twice before you decide to think big in spending. You must be rock solid in your commitment and dedication before you make your investments in home gym fitness equipment. To summarize costs, you may be spending in a range of Rs 25,000 to Rs 1,20,000 for your basic set of home gym fitness equipment to the advance type of Smith type Multi Machine.

You need to also assess the area or space you have at your disposal to build your home gym. Your fitness equipment must be according to the area of you home gym. It must fit into that space. So be sure to check that out before you make a decision of making a purchase of fitness equipment for your home gym.

Number of users of your home gym is also another important factor.  The area you have at your home gym should be correctly assessed before inviting your friends to join you there. The crowd may be a demotivating factor for you.

Decide whether you are capable of installing the fitness equipment in your home gym yourself. You should go for such set of fitness equipment that does not need any installation at all. You just keep them there and start your working out.

Do Check and Decide about the Safety of the Fitness Equipment before you make a move to buy them. Please take note of your personal safety and the safety of your home gym space before you decide your workout plan. These equipment are all heavy and made of Iron material that can injure a careless person gravely. Many have put their lives in danger by becoming casual here while handling the fitness equipment.

Once you have decided your workout objective and made an assessment of space available to you for your home gym, you can save money by going for second-hand equipment also. You can check on net to have latest information about these.

So, you are the boss. You know what is to be done. But it is advisable for you to take the advice of a professional, showing him your available space for your home gym and your workout objective. You are going to get the best.

Happy exercising.

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