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How to build the perfect home gym?


It is a dream of most people to have a gym at home. But there are many ifs and buts on the way. May be there is not enough space at home. May be there is not enough money in the bank account to purchase home gym equipment. But wait, you can still make your dreams come true if you follow this step by step schedule.

Step One: You have to have a dedicated space at your home for your home gym-

Decide the place first. Where exactly you would like to have your home gym at your place. Any blank or empty space available in the house can be great for building a home gym. You can use a small space in your living room for your home gym, even if you do not have any empty room at your home.

Step Two: Build this area with good fitness vibrations-

The space where you build your home gym must be light and airy, as much as possible. It will boost your energy level during your doing exercises. An ideal fitness area has lots of natural light coming from open spaces. It may be a window or doors, anything. You can add tap lights, if the area of your doing exercises is not lit up enough with natural lights. You can add a few lamps and use some white bulbs to have soft light around you. You can bring in some plants here to boost up the oxygen level there. You can have Ferns, bamboo Plants and Spider plants as they have maximum indoor air purification power.

Do not allow any clutter in your area of home gym.  It should not have any distraction either. No gadgets, gizmos, papers or any such other items that can distract your attention away from your work outs. If you must have an exercise DVD, fix it at such a level to follow the routine only.

You should have a mirror at your work out area. Mirrors are great for motivating you for doing what you need to do in work outs. Mirrors can make you your own instructor. Mirrors can help you to open up your space wider, by making it appear larger than it really is.

Step Three: Have only what you need in your home gym-

There is no need for you to stock a load of home gym equipment in your work out area. You don’t need any of those bulky machines here if the space is small or your budget is low. Some of the best home gym equipment are small and very inexpensive.

It can be Foam Rollers because of their versatility. You can knead out your muscles, strengthen your core areas, use it as a prop for Yoga poses etc. There is no need to buy a bulky treadmill for doing cardio exercises. You can have jump ropes for that. No need to have a bunch of weights or cable machines for your strength training. You can have a set of dumbbells. It will be best if it has adjustable weights. You can have a set of resistant bands also.

You can start with a few pieces to start and then you can add up slowly as you mature in work outs.

Step Four: You have your home gym well organized-

You have to store your home gym equipment well between and after your workouts. It is more true if you are having a shared space. You can have a few shelves or bins to organize your things there. You need to get creative and plan accordingly.

Step Five: Now go ahead and use your home gym-

After you have done all the hard work in setting up your home gym, make good use of it. You can have a work out partner or a friend to exercise with you. It just like areal gym No?

See, it is not hard to build up a perfect home gym with whatever resources you have. You need to have the desire to build your home gym and your great physique in it.

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